We aspire to extend a family’s living space to the outdoors–
We utilize the best agronomic practices while holding ourselves to the highest standards as stewards of the environment.

“Reducing our footprint on the environment.”


Your Top Choice For Organic Lawn Fertilization In York and Lancaster, Pa

The best way to restore or maintain the lawn in your outdoor living space is through a consultation with the experts of Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control. Our experts will specially develop an Inch’s Natural lawn care program and then formulate and utilize custom-blended products with natural inputs that not only offer superior results for our customers but protect our environment. While other lawn care service treatments and DIY chemicals are inexpensive, they contain harsh chemicals that harm the environment and offer temporary solutions that later snowball into devastating problems. To protect your outdoor living space for the upcoming season, invest in an Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control lawn care program.

Lawn Care In York and Lancaster, PA

At Inch’s Natural, we understand that no two living environments are the same. As such, the experts at Inch’s complete a comprehensive analysis of your soil to offer the best treatment for your unique conditions. Our team is comprised of local experts with an understanding of the soil types and the soil conditions present in our community who can recommend the best materials and application methods to achieve the desired results. Other companies insist on using low-quality products and inexperienced technicians who can only perform basic services at your home. Let the local experts of Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control offer superior quality and competitive pricing for your lawn care needs, including:

  • Weed Management Services
  • Mosquito Deterrent
  • Balanced Nutrition for Plants
  • Grub Control
  • Turf Aeration
  • Seeding
  • Lawn restoration
  • Pest Management and More!

The Right Choice

Homeowners who choose Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest control select high-quality, natural fertilizer that yields lasting results that are safe for the environment. An Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control application provides long-lasting plant health and weed and pest control for your outdoor living space that can’t be beat. To help preserve the environment and reduce your family’s footprint, make the right choice. Choose Inch’s Natural Fertilization & Pest control for your family’s outdoor living space.