Reducing Industry Pesticides

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Inch’s Natural Fertilization & Pest Control offers full service pest control services to residential and commercial customers. Our certified pest control team has the experience required to properly diagnose and provide a safe control to protect your family or business. We offer one-time emergency services and yearly contract plans to ensure your residence or facility is protected.

According to the CDC, in 2016, Lancaster County (8th) and York County (14th) were ranked as two of the highest counties with confirmed Lyme Disease cases nationally.

It’s time to think about prevention.

All-Natural Mosquito Barrier

As an alternative to our traditional mosquito barrier treatment, Inch’s Natural also offers an all-natural mosquito barrier treatment.
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Traditional Mosquito Barrier

Inch’s Natural offers a traditional mosquito control program that greatly reduces mosquito populations for 45-60 days.
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Flea & Tick Control

People are aware that ticks cause diseases, and mosquitos spread viruses, but they are too quick to discount fleas.
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Termite Treatment

Annually, Subterranean termites are more destructive to residential homes than natural disasters and fires combined.
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