Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control transforms Inch’s Landscaping into a full service outdoor living company. Now, an Inch’s outdoor living space consists of not only beautiful hardscaping, trees, shrubs, and flowers but also thick, dark green, and healthy lawns that are environmentally friendly.

Luke Zimmerman

General Manager

At a young age, Luke Zimmerman developed a passion for the agronomy field after spending a summer working at Miller Plant Farm. From there, Luke’s passion further grew via another summer job on a professional golf course. After these experiences, Luke earned his bachelor’s degree in turf grass science from The Pennsylvania State University. In pursuit of this degree, Luke gained additional, industry-specific experience through a summer internship at Regent’s Glenn Country Club. Upon conferment of his degree, Luke spent two years working as the assistant to the superintendent at the Country Club of York, developing a keen eye for details. Luke then transferred his eye for details to the Out Door Country Club where he worked for five more years as the assistant to the superintendent. Luke then transferred the knowledge he gained from the golf industry to a sales position with Turf Trade. While working at Turf Trade, Luke developed a vast knowledge of products and product application practices that he used to advise lawn care operators and townships. Luke’s true passion is working with customers in the field to achieve desired results and to provide solutions for underlying issues. As general manager, Luke looks forward to directly advising commercial and residential customers as to how Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest services can make their grounds aesthetically pleasing in manner that is safe for the environment.

Brennan Inch

Pest Control Manager

Growing up in the Inch family, Brennan knows no other live than the outdoor life and how to respect and preserve it. Brennan has been with the Inch’s outdoor living company from its inception. After working in the business all through high school, he attended Bloomsburg University to study biology. This major taught Brennan a lot of practical and useful information related to plant and ecosystem interaction. Although he ended up graduating with a business management degree, his love of nature and the green industry never waned. Since graduation, Brennan has been managing the maintenance sector for Inch’s Landscaping. Brennan prides himself on developing strong customer relations, offering quality work, and building the reputable Inch’s name. It is only fitting that he heads the pest control sector of Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control, offering the same quality and passion the Inches always have.

Jay Koller

Jay Koller

Operations Manager / Senior Agronomist / Director of Safety Board

Working at the Berkleigh Country Club in Kutztown part-time while in high school ignited a passion for agronomy within Jay Koller. This passion led Jay to purse a bachelor’s degree in turf grass science from The Pennsylvania State University. Since earning his degree, Jay has worked full-time in the green industry for over 22 years in various managerial capacities. He has also continued his education, earning PA commercial pesticide applicator certifications in categories 6 (Ornamental & Shade Tree), 7 (Lawn & Turf), 9 (Aquatic), 10 (Right of Way/ Industrial Weeds), 11 (Household Pest Control), 15 (Public Health – Vertebrate), and 16 (Public Health – Invertebrate). Jay also has been an ISA Certified Arborist since 2006. As operations manager and senior agronomist of Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control, Jason offers an exceptional knowledge of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers that enable him to provide expert tree, turf grass, and vegetation management and pest control services to our customers. As director of the Inch’s Natural safety board, Jay also leads our team in implementing the best industry safety and agronomy practices through field training days. Jay Koller shares in our commitment to providing superior service and outstanding results that are environmentally safe for your family’s outdoor living space.

Our Culture

Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control is rooted in sound agronomics, the pursuit of being the best stewards possible for our environment. For this reason, we have developed custom fertilizer blends that reduce impact and keep the nutrients where you want them, in the soil; slowly feeding the lawn and its roots. Even though it costs us more to purchase these products while still maintaining competitive prices, we believe it is worth every penny to play our part on your property reducing its environmental impact as much as possible while creating amazing outdoor living spacing for your family to enjoy.

Our Values

Given our love for living outdoors, Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest promises to overlook chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Our mission is to be better stewards of the environment through the selection of products that will not only enhance lawns, but in a manner that is safe for your outdoor living space.

Our History

For many years you, the loyal customers of Inch’s Landscaping, have been asking for lawn fertilization and pest services. Although we at Inch’s understand turf management and have long-aspired to be a full-service outdoor living company, we did not feel adequately equipped to offer premiere lawn fertilization and pest services…until now. Following years of discussion, we are pleased to introduce Luke Zimmerman, the general manager of our new branch of services, Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control.