We live outdoors, and we know you do, too. Whether entertaining family and friends, frolicking with pets, or enjoying recreational activities, it takes place in an outdoor living space. We at Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control treat your space as if it were an extension of our own outdoor living space. Our customers can expect to be treated like family as we provide the same precise applications that we would conduct on our properties. We will also keep your outdoor living space safe for loved ones and for the environment. As stewards of the environment, we overlook chemicals that are harmful to humans, pets, and nature, selecting only products and practices that preserve the environment. To select the proper environmentally-friendly products and practices for your unique outdoor living space, we begin with a consultation with our industry experts.

“Expect to be treated like family.”

On the architecture of your lawn

At Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control, we do not use the approach that certain products fit all situations. We have been working with materials and methods for over 15 years. For this reason, we have custom designed fertilizer analysis blends, applications methods and release characteristics that give us unique results for our customers. More importantly, we have designed our programs to give you longer, deeper color, while building on the basis of a stronger root system to help your turf grass ecosystem reach its fullest potential.

On sustainability

Our team at Inch’s Natural Fertilization and Pest Control has an extensive background in the agronomy field. We will always pursue better solutions the reduce our footprint on the environment. We embrace the challenges that micro climates and possible poor soil conditions that make each customers property different from another. Utilizing all of our experiences and talents from our team allows us to provide a result that we would be proud of if it was our own lawn. We utilize the soils complex ecosystem to our advantage to synergize our programs providing results that separates us in our industry. Contact us for a free estimate and get that lawn looking healthy again.