Achieving Optimal Lawn Health

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Not only are our services rendered by experts in the field, but they are tailored to the uniqueness of your outdoor living space. To create a personalized program for your outdoor living space, we recommend that our services begin with a soil test.

Soil Testing

A soil test determines baseline nutritional levels. An outdoor living space is similar to a human being—it needs proper nutrition in order to be healthy.
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Balanced Fertility Program

Just as humans need to eat for proper nourishment, lawns also need balanced-nutrient applications for their plant health.
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Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is a highly-aggressive, summer-annual weed that robs your lawn of nutrients and water.
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Integrated Weed Management

Like crabgrass, weeds, such as clover, dandelions, ground ivy, spurge, wild violet, and more, compete for the same nutrients and water in the soil profile.
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Preventative Grub Control

Grubs, a by-product of eggs laid by June bugs, Japanese beetles, Northern masked chafer, and oriental beetle, to name a few, are some of the most destructive lawn pests during the summer months.
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Core Turf Aeration and Soil Care

When natural and unnatural forces compact your soil, a yearly, fall aeration relieves the compaction.
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Seeding and Lawn Restoration

Certain varieties of grass are more susceptible to insects, disease, and drought.
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Specialty Lawn Issues Management

Some lawn issues, including but not limited to unwanted grasses and damaging diseases, are not controlled through a standard lawn care program.
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Tree and Shrub Care

Well-maintained trees and shrubs not only enhance the aesthetics but also increase the value of your property.
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